About Us

Born into the third generation of watch retailers and fiddling with watches since I was 6, I have observed the trends of various vintage models in their glorious times and witnessed classic timepieces like the SKX007, that withstood time and remains as a popular must-have watch for every collector.

My job as your Watchkeeper is to look out for trends for my beloved watch collectors and be your personal shopper and friend, to advise the classic must-have watches to add to a new watch enthusiast collection or the rare limited edition watches that is the missing piece to a watch geek's diverse collection. Recommending you the perfect straps to create your personalised distinct vibes on archetypal watches.

Carrying my family’s legacy as a Watchkeeper with decades of experience with the trends, classics and rare timepieces, you may liken me as Ollivander from the Harry Potter series, waiting to fit the perfect wands, I mean watches, for their rightful owners and introducing you to a crazy adventure in the horology community.